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The team calculated that an Earth-sized planet orbiting a black hole that appeared a similar size to our sun in the sky could extract around watts of useful power from this temperature difference — enough for life to potentially exist, but hardly enough to run a civilisation. At this temperature, a planet around a sufficiently cool black hole would receive gigawatts of power, around a millionth of what the sun provides Earth.

Living Near a Supermassive Black Hole

The energy of light is proportional to its frequency. Conditions would be cooler if the planet were slightly further out from the black hole, lessening the effects of time dilation and making it more hospitable to life. Loeb thinks that the theoretical idea of a cold sun and a hot sky to support life is interesting, but in practice it is unlikely to occur in the universe. Trending Latest Video Free. Exclusive: Five couples lined up for CRISPR babies to avoid deafness Why cat people and dog people's personalities match those of their pet Watch Snowball the cockatoo show off the 14 dance moves he's invented Ancient Earth reveals terrifying consequences of future global warming Data can now be stored inside the molecules that power our metabolism.

Quiz: How good is your knowledge of the moon? To the outside observer, you would appear to freeze in time and gradually disappear from sight while also becoming redder in the process — an effect known as redshift.

Then, depending on the size and mass of the black hole's gravity, you would be torn to pieces or infinitely stretched and squeezed like dough. The short answer to the question is no because nothing can escape a black hole once it passes through the event horizon.

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There is, however, a theoretical possibility you can live inside of a black hole if you happen to enter a supermassive one. This is understood to happen because a finite amount of mass is compressed inside of a black to hole to a volume of zero.

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  • What is a black hole? Scientists refer to these black holes as primordial black holes.

    We could be living in a black hole and life just keeps getting more confusing

    What happens inside of a black hole? It is possible however to enter a black hole and not die Professor Karen Masters, University of Portsmouth. Can you survive after falling into a black hole?