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Sie erwarten auch Zugang zu den Regierungsdaten. Org, die Regierungsdaten ins Netz stellt. Dies war umso bemerkenswerter, als dass die Bush-Regierung explizit Agenturen angewiesen hatte, das Gegenteil zu tun. Obamas Erlass verursachte aufgeregte Betriebsamkeit. Dezember in Paris Menschheitsgeschichte. Einige der dort erstmals garantierten Grundrechte aber gerieten bald aus dem Blick, die Reisefreiheit beispielsweise.

Facebook gibt es auf der ganzen Welt, grenzenloses Reisen nur in Europa. However, some of the fundamental rights guaranteed there for the first time there, were forgotten soon, the freedom of movement for example. East Germans can tell you a thing or two about how the GDR trampled on the fundamental right of freedom to travel. The GDR travel laws, which ended at the Wall, divided families. Many experienced an overwhelming feeling of freedom with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Twenty years later, traveling without borders in the EU has become the fundamental experience of a generation, indeed the core of a trans-national European way of life.

Interrail and low-cost flights are part and parcel of the European way of life. The abolition of border controls due to the Schengen Agreement in are a milestone in the history of European integration. Together with the euro, unlimited travel is the most tangible feature of European integration. Facebook exists all over the world - travel without border controls only in Europe. The borders that were abolished internally by the Schengen Agreement have been raised externally though.

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Reservations regarding security, necessary due to reduced internal controls, have developed their own momentum. The EU migration and visa policy in the EU are increasingly dominated by political security considerations resulting in a complex system of isolation that has failed catastrophically in the Mediterranean. The EU still has no viable answer, respecting human rights, to the migrant crisis. At the borders of our European dream of limitless travel, there is a nightmare: since , far more people have died on the maritime southern border of the EU than ever at the Iron Curtain.

EU visa regulations create a great disparity of the level of freedom outside the inner-European borders. A professor from Tuzla in Bosnia who wants to attend a conference in Munich must repeatedly travel to the German embassy in the capital Sarajevo, instead of looking after his students.

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The demand for freedom of travel that was heard twenty years ago on the streets of Berlin and Leipzig can still to be heard in Sarajevo, Tirana and Istanbul. For many Europeans who do not belong to the EU, Schengen is by no means a symbol of freedom, but rather one of exclusion. Es ist ein Irrtum zu glauben, die Phantasie bedrohe das Reale. Was wirklich bedroht ist, ist der Traum — unsere Einbildungskraft, Phantasie, unsere Vision. Ist der heutige Held keine Einzelperson mehr sondern handelt im Kollektivgedanken?

Die Zuschauer werden in riesigen Betten sitzen. Um sie herum und zwischen ihnen findet die Theaterperformance statt. Sind sie Abie Nathans von heute? Kollektiv approaches the subject matter artistically: how much vision and how many visionaries does our society need? Abie Nathan, an almost forgotten role model today, stands for the lost power of our vision, of our imagination. It is a mistake to believe that a vision is a threat to reality. What really is endangered is the dream - our imagination, fantasy, our vision. Something for people such as Don Quixote and Abie Nathan. The project was quite insane: he bought a ship and converted it into a floating radio station.

In , he started broadcasting off the coast of Israel. With the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin two years later, the dream of an entire generation shattered. We will look for similarities and differences and include them in our project. The outcome will be presented as a music-theater art performance. In August , an interdisciplinary play, piecing together all elements of the research, will be presented in the harbor area in Stuttgart. We will invite experts for interviews to our program and we will include thoughts and ideas from listeners in our program as well.


Every art form can stand on its own, but on the last day, all the different art forms will come together in a large festival. The audience will sit on enormous beds. The performance will take place in and around the audience. There will be a chorus acting as a counterpart to the person Abi Nathan. Parts and characters are inspired by people from our social environment: a young teacher, who teaches refugees in her free time; an athlete, who plays soccer with young juveniles; a homemaker, who supports young women, who became prostitutes for reasons of poverty.

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The chorus is the voice of Abie Nathan, his inner voice and his adversary, his flatterer and critic, realist and visionary. Because nowadays, we are witnessing a social commitment that is overwhelming — these people are represented by the theatrically-staged chorus. Are they the modern-day Abi Nathans? Source text - English What is the right size family?

We need an answer now By Joseph Harker What is the correct number of children each of us should have? Should this be celebrated, or condemned? We need some guidance, surely.

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Virtually every day, it seems, some politician or media figure weighs in on the issue of family size: one of the most personal decisions that anyone will ever make is also, it seems, one of the most politicised. Last month, for instance, George Osborne sparked a major row by deciding to cut tax credits for working families with more than two children, and with this in mind, I looked to our popular press for its top tips on the optimum family size. Here is its voice of reason: Zero children.

Poor you: you must obviously be sad, or lonely. One child. How could you condemn your little one to a life of loneliness — you selfish person! Two children. Well done you!

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You hit the magic number — and will never regret having too many or too few. But watch out — friends may be jealous of your perfect family. Three children.

The good thing about the above is the equal-opportunities nature of it: almost everyone is made to feel inadequate or miserable. Politically, though, it seems that larger families in particular are in the firing line. Sollte dies zelebrieren oder verurteilt werden? Hier sind die Stimmen der Vernunft: Null Kinder.

Ein Kind. Sie egoistische Person! Zwei Kinder. Na klasse, gut gemacht. Du hast im Lotto gewonnen und wirst es nie bereuen zu viel oder zu wenig zu haben. Aber aufgepasst — Freunde werden Sie um Ihre perfekte Familie beneiden. Drei Kinder. Vier oder mehr. Sie wissen das wahrscheinlich bereits, aber ihre Gefahr einer Herzkrankheit hat sich gerade verdoppelt.

Worauf warten wir also? Viele umweltfreundliche Initiativen werden rund um den Globus ins Leben gerufen, aber leider nicht zentral koordiniert. Es geht um unsere Zukunft. Six young people from all over the world explain their greatest political desire. Poverty and increasing inequality are tue largest current problems, in particular in the western world.