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Another is that, having successfully ridden one wave, he is trying to ride another. Earlier this year, I met McNamee for breakfast in Baltimore, where he was speaking to the staff of his former employer T. In , the company had invested a hundred and ninety million dollars in Facebook. On his speaking circuit, he wears baggy suits, clunky black shoes, and round glasses. Before his book tour, he trimmed his shoulder-length curls.

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The woman stuttered a reply, but McNamee cut her off. McNamee is not a kombucha kind of Californian.

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He ordered a Diet Coke with his eggs and toast. As we ate, conversation veered from the civil-rights movement, which he says inspired his tech activism, to the number of Grateful Dead shows he attended before Jerry Garcia died two hundred. A recent Pew Research Center poll found that around half of Americans think that the tech industry is having a positive impact on society.

However, this view is on the decline: in , seven in ten thought so. In general, people are more concerned about the behavior of banks and pharmaceutical companies, and most Americans have yet to meaningfully change their habits as tech consumers. Jim Steyer—brother of Tom Steyer, the hedge-fund billionaire turned environmentalist and Presidential candidate—arrived and embraced McNamee. Steyer, who has a blond mane and a California vibe, heads the kids-and-tech advocacy group Common Sense Media.

In one of its recent P. After listening to a roster of high-powered speakers—the Massachusetts senator Ed Markey, commissioners of the F. I later found most of what Lord discussed in a YouTube video of a talk he gave last year. A technician picked up a small black component and waved it in the air. Androids are commonly equipped with a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and a magnetic-field detector; their sensors can calculate heart rate and count steps.

If Google is broken up, Oracle is better positioned to thrive.

Apple Most-Admired Global Company, Says Fortune (Amazon #2, Google #7, Alibaba #34, Facebook #44)

But McNamee and many experts argue that Androids are unique in the extent to which they collect and retain user information. The Android platform finds information in your apps and your online activity, and often makes this information available to third parties, like advertisers. McNamee speaks often about surveillance capitalism, and credits Zuboff with informing his views and with bringing academic clout to the cause of Silicon Valley reformists. Rivalries in Silicon Valley once revolved around technological prowess, consumer allegiance, and profitability.

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  • Now competition is for moral superiority, a fight that McNamee has found himself in the middle of. McNamee sees his defection from Silicon Valley as nothing more than a return to his roots—an identity that mixes camp and sincerity. His mother, Barbara, was an active feminist in the sixties. Bush Administration, he refused to cut his hair. When President Obama was inaugurated, he celebrated with a trip to the barber.

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    • He used to pack as many as seven devices while on the road; now he carries just one iPhone, clipped to his belt. On his left wrist, he wears several leather bracelets: one for Black Lives Matter, another commemorating the March for Our Lives. Silicon Valley companies have always talked about building a better world.

      After the Truth About Tech conference ended, McNamee gave a happy-hour presentation to employees of a Baltimore-based investment-management firm. This is our free will. McNamee offers himself as a case study in how to be Google-free. In two months, he slipped up only once, when he watched a music video on YouTube, which Google owns.

      He argues that Facebook should be used for staying in touch with friends and family, rather than for political debates, which the platform alchemizes into screaming matches. His life is made easier by the fact that he has relatively few complaints about Apple, which he praises for taking steps to protect user privacy. And its new Apple Card, unlike many other credit cards, including American Express and Mastercard, does not share transaction history with third parties. But some audience members were skeptical. A woman raised her hand.

      McNamee barely let her finish. He uses his profile to promote his book, and has only recently begun to off-load his Facebook stock. I deserve it! For those critics who preach the perils of social media—whether from academia, like Zuboff, or Capitol Hill, like Adam Schiff—the Cambridge Analytica scandal is the quintessential example of how people can be turned into puppets. By collecting data from Facebook without user consent, the company was able to identify micro-populations of voters, then serve up customized ads encouraging them to vote for Donald Trump.

      Cambridge Analytica obtained user data through duplicitous means, but similar data sets are widely and legally available; micro-targeting is commonplace on nearly all political campaigns. The question, as McNamee sees it, is how to wrest back control for the people behind the profiles.

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      Bernie Sanders has pledged to press the antitrust issue if elected; Joe Biden has said that he will investigate it. In the following months, the D. There is some bipartisan support for tech reform. The Republican senators Marco Rubio who sponsored a bill authorizing the F.

      There is no evidence that such bias exists. Many privacy advocates, including McNamee, argue that they are critically flawed. Under G. And the rules are relatively loose when it comes to metadata. Even if the contents of a phone call are protected, the time of the call or the parties involved might not be. McNamee believes that antitrust action will be effective only after comprehensive privacy reforms are enacted—otherwise, it will simply create smaller companies that behave in the same ways that the big ones do now.

      The idea, McNamee explained, is that you could log a workout without then being bombarded by ads for nearby Zumba classes. As Tim Wu, a law professor at Columbia, has pointed out, few of the current proposed policies would have any effect on whether a company can collect private data, only on how it can be used. Even some critics of Silicon Valley find this blueprint of tech reform too extreme.

      There are other proposals that might redefine online privacy norms without wholly reinventing them. We say they have to monetize it in alignment with our best interests. He also proposes a tax on income derived from targeted digital ads, an approach endorsed by the economist and Nobel laureate Paul Romer. In theory, this would encourage tech companies to adopt business models that rely less on personal data, and the tax would be progressive, so as to favor smaller businesses. Tech reformists like McNamee are generally focussed on the biggest actors.

      Meanwhile, he noted, Apple has failed to disclose its more egregious privacy violations; in July, the Guardian revealed that contractors had listened to some Siri recordings without user consent, as part of quality-control protocol. As fears about privacy invasions and electoral intrusions mount, tech companies are tempting scapegoats. Choose Your Region:.

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