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Who Will Worship It? The Final Conflict 3. The Battle Over Worship 4. Secular Humanism 5. Religious Humanism 6. The Humanistic Little Horn 7. The Seal of God 9. Sabbath-keepers Forsake God? It has been exciting, thrilling, and faith-building to witness. But it also is sobering, for fulfilled prophecies indicate that the remaining last-day prophecies are soon to follow. Unfortunately, some Christians do not want to face the coming reality of the prophecy of Revelation chapter And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

This is a frightening prophecy indeed. It predicts that a coalition of religious and political powers will align under the leadership of the Antichrist beast to cast the world into a boiling caldron of affliction. There will be a great time of trouble unlike the earth has ever seen before Daniel Some students of Bible prophecy have even suggested this tribulation will be worse than we can imagine. With the future so bleak, we can easily appreciate why some have chosen to remain ignorant about last-day events.

The prevalent false teaching that promises a pre-tribulation rapture appears attractive against the backdrop of Armageddon and the mark of the beast. But ignorance and false doctrine will leave their victims destitute and lost as these fig-leaf garments dry and crumble under the withering blast of the final tribulation. The desire to live in peace and security is understandable. Few of us, in our introspective moments, feel capable to stand for God and His truth when demons will overrun the earth.

But despite these natural fears and aversions, we must not chase after promises of peace and safety that are not founded upon the sure Word of God. While we should focus on the love of God for sinners and the true security that comes from making Him Lord and Savior of our life, we should also give attention to the warnings of the Spirit concerning the last days.

The Scripture injunction we should heed most is that which warns us against worshiping the beast.

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Consider these sobering facts. All who worship the beast will forfeit the precious experience of eternal life with Jesus in a glorious new world Revelation They will be inflicted with the extremely painful and fearsome seven last plagues Revelation And finally, they will suffer utter destruction in the fires of hell Revelation Without question, we do not want to be found worshiping the beast in the days to come.

But what assures us we will not be in this group? Mind you, it is no small group. Judas knew Jesus as the Messiah, yet he betrayed Him. Similarly, many of those who understand last-day prophecies will ultimately find themselves on the side of the beast. So how can we be on the winning side when all the dust settles? Who will worship the beast?

And what can we do now to keep from being part of that group. The Final Conflict First, we must understand that the final conflict will be over worship.

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  • All inhabitants of earth will be divided into one of two camps before the end—those who worship the beast and those who worship the Creator. Creature worship versus Creator worship will be the issue to divide the world. Everyone will have to make a choice regarding whom they will worship.

    The Beast: Who Will Worship It?

    How will the whole earth be brought to make this choice between the creature and the Creator? The Bible predicts a time when the beast will gain immense political influence. From this position of authority, he will force people to worship him. Those who refuse will be economically boycotted and eventually sentenced to death. And he causeth all. As the beast seeks to enforce worship through force, God mercifully warns people against the beast and urges them to worship Him as Creator.

    22. Deuteronomy 17 – 34 and Psalm 91

    The scenario is clear. In the last days, the entire world will be squeezed between the two cosmic forces. There will be no neutral ground, no demilitarized zone. Everyone will have to make a decision whom they will serve and worship. The Battle Over Worship This last conflict over worship is actually the grand finale to a long drama that began in heaven before man was even created. Lucifer, a created angel, decided his superior beauty and intelligence qualified him to better rule the universe than his Creator.

    Working with stealthy deceit, he launched his campaign for the affections of the angels and was successful in attracting one-third of them Revelation This forced God to take drastic measures. Why did Eve eat the fruit of the forbidden tree?

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    Simply because she lacked trust in God. And their disobedience became an act of worship of the serpent. You see, worship and obedience are synonymous. When tempted by the devil to bow down and worship him, Jesus revealed that the act of worship is married to service and obedience. When Adam and Eve trusted the lies of the serpent above the command of God, they entered into creature worship. They truly worshiped the beast. Will we obey and worship the beast or obey and worship the Creator?

    Only those who trustingly obey God will enter the pearly gates.

    Romans A Clobber Passage That Should Lose Its Wallop | Don M Burrows

    Examine any false religion and you will find it is based upon distrust and disobedience of God. We have put our own opinion and feelings above the revealed will of our Creator God. Secular Humanism The age in which we live has normalized this false religion of self-worship. We even have a name for it—humanism. Thousands of years ago, God predicted this humanistic movement. It is symbolized in prophecy both as the king of the south Daniel and as the beast from the bottomless pit Revelation This belief system has largely controlled the affairs of man from the s to the present day.

    Consequently, America is now reaping the same whirlwind of degradation that France did in the wake of its Revolution. For lack of moral fiber, the United States is unraveling at the seams. The current epidemic of homosexuality, adultery, crime, and other debasing actions should not surprise us. Religious Humanism Neither has the Christian church escaped the permeating influence of humanism.

    But the task force urges Lutherans to challenge such attitudes.

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    It allows homosexuals to be ordained to ministry. Although they have many sincere and dedicated members, these church organizations are as guilty of humanism as are the secularists. Another area in which the Church has unashamedly followed humanistic principles is in the choice of Sunday as a day of worship. Why, then, do Christians observe Sunday instead of the day mentioned in the Bible?. But the facts of history and Scripture are stubborn things. They unquestionably testify to the accuracy of what these Catholic authors assert. All reasons for disobedience which man can amass have one thing in common.

    Overview: Jeremiah

    They are founded upon humanism. The Humanistic Little Horn God wants us to flee from humanism. Repeatedly, He has warned us against its deadly influence and shown how it would infiltrate the church. Using the symbol of a little horn in Daniel chapter 7, God predicted the Antichrist would be humanistic. Because the Antichrist looks at things through humanistic eyes, he is led to some fearfully bold actions.