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And I just find the characters so hard to relate to. I know there are more books in this series but I don't know if I will be reading them. Not Stansfield's greatest work. And her books are almost all the same. I am sorry but they are. Especially in all these Hamilton sagas.

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Reading all the other reviews I know I am in the minority but not a fan. To be completely honest I think 2 stars is very generous on this one. Mar 28, Cristina rated it really liked it. I liked this one better than the 3rd book and I really had a hard time putting it down. I think I am getting a little tired of Anita Stansfield books now that I have read a ton of them, but I have two more in this series that I am going to finish after I read a couple other books first!

I gave this four stars because the book really potrayed real life situations that I am interested in and made it more of an actual real-life situation than an impossible real-life romance. Feb 23, Karen Bing rated it it was amazing. Book number four in the series and again tears were shead It's cool to read the novel and understand what they are talking about fully.

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I want to live in australia and meet the Hamiltons May 28, Stephanie rated it it was ok. I think she Anita Stanfield could have taken the ideas in this book and sepperated them makeing more books and leaving less questions unanswered it just seemed to be a jumble of ideastrowen together without much thought to all the affects of their actions.

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Nov 01, Christina rated it liked it Shelves: This book is like the 2nd one in the series in that it felt more like a chronicle of life than a novel with a cohesive plot. Matthew quickly became fascinated by the girl's good-hearted spirit, charming enthusiasm, and lively imagination, and wanted her to stay at Green Gables from the very first. Marilla's reaction was to send her back to the orphanage, but she was eventually won over by Anne's quirky joie de vivre — and by the fact that another woman, much harder than herself, was set to take Anne should Marilla decline to keep her.

The American scholar Joseph Brennan noted that for Anne "all things are alive", as she imagines trees by the roadside welcoming her to Green Gables while a leaning plum tree makes her think that it is offering a veil just for her. Anne has great powers of imagination, fed by books of poetry and romance, and a passion for "romantic" and beautiful names and places.

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When she sees a road lined with apple trees in bloom, she falls silent for a moment before naming the road the "White Way of Delight"; when spying a pond at the Barry homestead, she christens it the "Lake of Shining Waters. Anne initially made a poor impression on the townsfolk of Avonlea with an outburst at the Cuthberts' neighbour, the outspoken gossip Mrs. Rachel Lynde, but this was amended by an equally impassioned apology. Anne soon became 'bosom friends' with a girl from a neighbouring farm, Diana Barry. Together with Matthew, Diana is Anne's "kindred spirit". Anne was soon restored to Mrs.

Barry's good graces by saving the life of Diana's little sister, Minnie May. Minnie May had an attack of the croup , which Anne was able to cure with a bottle of ipecac and knowledge acquired while caring for the numerous Hammond twins. Throughout her childhood, Anne continued to find herself in similar "scrapes", often through mistakes and misunderstandings, and no fault of her own.

At one point Anne "admires to the point of nuttiness" an amethyst brooch, which she is falsely accused of stealing, a crime she has to confess to in order to attend a picnic. Anne also formed a complex relationship with Gilbert Blythe , who was three years older than Anne but studying at her level, having had his schooling interrupted when his father became ill. On their first meeting as schoolmates, Gilbert teased Anne with the nickname "Carrots". Anne, perceiving it as a personal insult due to sensitivity over her hair colour, became so angry that she broke her slate over his head.

Anne tells Diana that "Gilbert Blythe has hurt me excruciatingly ". Her grudge persisted even after he saved her from a near-disastrous reenactment of Tennyson's " Lancelot and Elaine " when her leaky boat sank into the pond. After this almost fatal accident, Gilbert pleaded with Anne to become his friend but she refused, although she soon came to regret it. For the rest of their school years in Avonlea, they competed as intellectual rivals for the top of the class, although the competition was entirely good-natured on Gilbert's side. However, Anne forms the "Story Club" at the age of 13, which she tells the story of two girls named Cordelia and Geraldine both of which were aliases she had adopted earlier who both love Bertram - a variant of Gilbert.

Lynde at the beginning of the book was the self-important busybody of Avonlea who dominated the community; at the end, the book hints that Anne will play the same role, but only much better in the years to come. Immediately after graduating from Avonlea's public school, Anne and Gilbert both went to Queen's Academy in Charlottetown , which trained them for teaching and university studies.

They split the most prestigious prizes between themselves, and remained "enemies" all through their studies at Queen's. Anne's grades, especially in English, won her a scholarship to Redmond College , but Matthew's death and Marilla's failing eyesight near the end of Anne of Green Gables led Anne to defer her enrollment at Redmond so that she could stay to help at Green Gables. Gilbert had been appointed as the Avonlea schoolteacher for the following year, but as an act of kindness, he instead took the position at White Sands School and gave the Avonlea position to Anne.

She thanked him for the sacrifice and they made amends, becoming friends at last after five years of intense rivalry. Anne reads some poetry by Virgil, but abandons the book as the beauty of sun-kissed summer day and her coming career as a teacher inspire a sense of happiness and unity with nature. In Anne of Avonlea , Marilla decided to take in her cousin's twin children, Davy and Dora continuing Anne's "curse of twins". However, Anne took to them, especially Davy, immediately. Anne learns to manage the twins via a mixture of good humour and understanding.

Harrison attacks Anne as a "red-headed snippet" who sits around "reading yellow-covered novels".

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Morgan visits Avonlea, Anne greets her with a nose turned red owing to her mistakes in applying the wrong skin lotion as Anne goes to absurd lengths to be prepared to meet the world-famous Mrs. Morgan, which results in chaos, through all works out well in the end.

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Morgan inspires Anne to try writing, where trapped in an abandoned hen-house, she writes out a dialogue between flowers and the birds in the garden. Anne was pleased because Gilbert would also be going to Redmond the following year. After the wedding of her friend Miss Lavendar, Anne first realized that there was a possibility that Gilbert felt more for her than friendship, and "The page of girlhood had been turned, as by an unseen finger, and the page of womanhood was before her with all its charm and mystery, its pain and gladness.

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Liber sacrosyllabus contra Elipandum. Corpus christianorum series latina 47, Willems , R. Corpus christianorum series latina 36, Austin , G. Birmingham Byzantine and Ottoman Monographs 5.

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