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Sour pickles : I love them. At the time cornichons left me totally indifferent and the all-american pickle was unknown to me, so biting into the unexpected the first time left me grimacing.

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Not all the way. It has spread. Now you have holes in your bun and ketchup is squirting everywhere and.

Chicken tortilla soup is one of my favorite soups. The first time I had it it was prescribed as a late-night hangover cure and it acted as a fountain of rejuvenation. The hangover was gone. Then a funny thing happened. I started receiving email upon email of concerned readers from the four quarters of the world wondering if I was okay, and if the site was going to be gone like… forever. Thank you, guys. This morning I realized that someone started a chow. Thank you Shawn, May your kitchen always be full of mouth watering flavours and aromas, to share with many friends.

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Lara Philp — April 24, What a sumptuously, decadent, delicious cookbook; home to lip-smackingly delicious recipes for everyone to enjoy. Written and cooked with real heart and soul!!! You are a Rockstar Viv, we waiting for Number 2 xxx. Robert Pretorius — May 7, I watched him prepare many meals with such meticulousness and enthusiasm.

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His chilli oils and sauces are to die for and his taste in wine is second to none. Cant wait for it to arrive.

Avril Thomas — May 7, Thank you so much Rob. Reto — June 8, The menues are easy to create and even a not so talented cook like me can achieve great results. Steve Winyard — June 10, How about WOW! I love cooking.. It is clever, well written, easy on the eye and obviously created with passion and it shows.

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I will be buying this for my friends as its a must share. Mitch farber — June 10, This book is terrific! I suck at cooking but have been able to use these easy to follow recipes and from it, I have made some outstanding dishes. I highly recommend it. Judit — June 13, I love the cover of the book!

And the photos inside are amazing. Glad to see some recepies from my country in the book and he cooks them how I would do myself. I like the recepies from all around the world it feels like traveling but in your own kitchen. Recepies are clear and easy to follow. Graham Waugh — June 19, So easy to follow great easy to make meals that are so tasty. I know what a lot of my friends are getting for Christmas. You need to have this book in your kitchen. Jonathan Krogman — July 3, My wife and I love this hot sauce.

A restaurant when we were traveling in Portugal carried it, and we both fell in love with it. We took a picture of the bottle, and when we returned home, we searched for it online. We found it here on Chilliboy. We use it for everything from adding to dips, sauces and adding spice to meat, fish, and poultry— YUM!

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Delicious recipes. Vibrant pictures. Enjoyable little details and a wonderful feel good edge. Additional information Weight 0. Rated 5 out of 5. Avril Thomas — April 10, Thank you Pedro, Your help was a blessing for us and we are so happy that the book has not disappointed. Avril Thomas — April 10, Thank you Silvia, The books art is your pleasure and we believe you will have a lot of pleasure from it.

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