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Fabienne, for her part, is utterly unrepentant.

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Clearly relishing the role, Deneuve comes heaving through every scene like some formidable gunship, wreathed in cigarette smoke, running on scotch and all but scattering the supporting cast. Ludivine Sagnier crops up as a pensive fellow performer. Deneuve dominates. Fabienne, we learn, has signed up to star in a film with the convenient title Memories of My Mother, in which a spectral parent reappears down the years to check in on her daughter.

Fabienne dismisses the film as frippery, hardly deserving her presence. But performing the role has a catalytic effect. Her armour drops away; the permafrost starts to thaw. At this point, a more lazy film would veer towards a Hollywood happy ending. The Truth, to its credit, understands that families are complex and that old grievances die hard.

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Sometimes a truce is the most one can wish for. But it contains a hard core of emotional truth, like the pea beneath the mattress that woke up the princess. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Venice film festival First look review.

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Truth or lies? And what would you choose between a cruel truth and a sweet lie? These are the questions I have never ceased to ask myself through this film. I hope who see it will seize the opportunity to find their own answers.

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Our World in 2019: The Truth May Scare You!

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