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Description The Linked Media Framework is an easy-to-setup server application that bundles together some key open source projects to offer some advanced services for linked media management. Architecture LMF is build on top of three Apache projects: Apache Marmotta provides the Linked Data Platform capabilities Apache Stanbol is the extraction and enhancement framework used Apache Solr provides indexation capabilities The glue that LMF implements allows to get the best of these three projects for providing advance linked media capabilities, such as semantic search or semantic enrichment.

Several semantic search indexes can be configured using LDPath. LMF Enhancer uses Stanbol to enhance the content od the triples stored. Categories : Triple Store Rule Reasoner.

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Facts about " LMF ". This paper proposes an approach for automatic domain ontology enrichment based on the semantic component of Lexical Markup Framework LMF, ISO -standardized dictionaries. The originality of this research work lies in the use of simple and regularly-structured textual fields disseminated in the definitions and examples of lexical entries, thus facilitating the extraction of concepts and relations candidates.

It also lies in exploiting the semantic component of the LMF dictionary in order to guide the extraction of further knowledge from the adopted source. Along with addressing the quality issue which is of a major importance in ontology engineering, the proposed approach has been implemented in a rule-based system, relying on lexicosyntactic patterns for ontology items extraction and applied to a case study in the field of astronomy.

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The experiment has been carried out on the Arabic language, whose choice is explained both by the great deficiency of research work on the Arabic ontology development and the availability within our research team of an LMF-standardized Arabic dictionary. Unable to display preview.

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