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150 years of Spanish culinary tradition and excellence

I will show you where I buy all the fresh ingredients for the Paella, and we will walk through the fabulous market, my favorite place in Barcelona, so that you can see in detail how one of the most iconic markets in Europe lives. I've been cooking this recipe for years, and I'll share it with you so you can be an expert! Paella, Catalan Cream. A super tasty Seafood Paella and a homemade Catalan cream that we are going to prepare together.

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Valencian paella ingredients

The paella burner must be as big as the paella pan. In the same way, every time I raise or lower the intensity of the fire I will also tell you, so that you can do the same.

Add plenty of salt when you put the meat and when you turn the meat over. Remove the liver first because it is going to be cooked before and set aside.

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Add the flat green jews and the large flat beans and cook them all together. When the red pepper is well done on both sides set aside, because it is going to cook before than the other vegatables.

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Remove quickly so that the garlic does not burn and then mix with the vegetables and meat. Quickly mix everything together and at 10 seconds, at the most, pour water into the paella. Surely the water will have covered the rivets of the handles of the paella. Turn on the second fire and rise to a high heat until the water starts to boil, then lower the heat a little. Write when the water starts to boil because the water has to boil for 20 minutes. Repeat this operation every 2 minutes until reaching the indicated 20 minutes.

If at 20 minutes the water has not dropped enough, let it boil more until the water drops that finger and a half indicated. If before reaching 20 minutes the water has already dropped to that level, you can now go to the next point. Stir everything so that no grains of rice are left over the meat or vegetables and all the grains of rice are submerged. At 5 minutes lower to medium heat and keep well, since the rice should boil 20 minutes.

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It is much better to add the salt little by little every 5 minutes that you put a lot of salt the first time and put too much. In these two moments you can find this three situations:. To do this, you must grab a spoon and scratch at the bottom of the paella pan. Now you can also check if there is any broth left in the bottom of the paella pan. Depending on what you find it, you must follow the same instructions like in the previous step. The best thing is that you take some grains of rice from the middle area of the thickness of the rice layer.

You can find three situations:. Personally, I like it better without lemon, because in this way I can appreciate all its flavor.

What can I tell you about our paella? My mother-in-law makes a paellas that they make you feel that you want to cry about how good they are. Because she cooks paella for many years and she knows all the tricks so that the paella is always very tasty. We are not professional chefs, we are normal people like you. But Valencians have been making paella for many years and for that reason we make it so exquisite.