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Within minutes of the Marines' arrival, the British troops had surrendered.

United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command

In addition to the gunpowder, Captain Nicholas successfully acquired cannons and other military stores. When pirates had been raiding American merchant ships off the Barbary Coast, President Thomas Jefferson sent in an expeditionary force of Marines to fight back.

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The Marines' victory helped protect U. The Battle of Derna was the Marines' first ground battle on foreign soil and is notably recalled in the Marines' Hymn: "From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, we fight our country's battles in the air, on land and sea. The Mexican-American War played a critical role in defining the border between the two Nations that remains in place today. After two days of battle, Marines gained control of the castle, better known as the "Halls of Montezuma," and were given the honor of raising the Stars and Stripes over the palace to mark their victory.

Becoming a MARSOC Marine Raider

Upon returning home, the same U. Marines presented their flag to the commandant. Their victory at the "Halls of Montezuma" remains a part of Marine Corps tradition, immortalized in the opening line of the Marines' Hymn. The Marines suffered heavy casualties and were pinned down by machine-gun fire.

On 7 June , with few grenades and no signal flares left, U. Marine forces launched an assault with fixed bayonets, seizing enemy positions. USMC riflemen demonstrated their superior marksmanship, shredding the lines of an oncoming German counterattack. After 20 days of intense fighting, the U. Marines won the Battle of Belleau Wood. The German survivors gave a fitting nickname that suited the relentless fighting spirit of their opponent: Teufelhunden, or "Devil Dogs. When the U. Japanese soldiers had turned the island into a trap, fighting from a maze of tunnels and bunkers beneath Mt.

The battle lasted 36 days and despite heavy casualties, Marines overpowered the enemy and secured the island. A variety of innovations and fighting tactics were used by Marines to achieve victory at Iwo Jima, including Close Air Support, where F4F Wildcats and Corsairs supported the Marine Corps on the ground by providing cover and bombing raid that allowed U. Marines on the ground to advance their positions. Early in the battle, a patrol reached the summit of Mt.

Navy SEALs & Marine Corps Special Operations Free Fall Jump

Suribachi and raised the American Flag to encourage troops below. Later, U. Marines returned with a larger, more visible flag, the raising of which was captured by photographer Joe Rosenthal. The photo embodying the Marines' struggle and victory became an iconic symbol of the Marine Corps. The monument of the Marine Corps War Memorial has been cast in its image, inspiring each generation of Marines to strive for greatness.

Following the successful Inchon landing, U. At Chosin Reservoir, the 1st Marine Division found itself surrounded and outnumbered 8-to-1 by the Chinese army. The worst weather in 50 years cut off air support and assaulted the Marines with snow, wind and temperatures of degrees F. Even so, the "Chosin Few," as they would come to be called, decimated 10 Chinese infantry divisions and fought their way back to the sea to rejoin the American forces. No Marines had ever faced worse weather, terrain or odds than those who fought at Chosin Reservoir, but to anyone familiar with the Marines' fighting spirit, there was no doubt the 1st Marine Division would prevail.

One of the longest and bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War took place during 33 days in the winter of Because the Marine Corps and Navy are so much better prepared for combat in the Western Pacific than the Army and Air Force are -- at least, once you get away from the Korean Peninsula -- there is a case to be made that the Marines will dominate U.

They certainly look poised to be called on more frequently than the Army for missions like crisis response and regional deterrence. In fact, if Washington scales back its military presence in Korea and U. Here are five reasons why the Marine Corps is likely to be the face of U. An identity that matches what national strategy requires today. The Marine Corps is a naval expeditionary force focused on maneuver warfare and amphibious operations. What that means in practical terms is that the Marines are postured for fast foreign deployment, and they are based at sea rather than depending on land bases.

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They defeat enemies by throwing them off balance, using the sea as a maneuver space to surprise and deceive. Because their bases are mobile and positioned near trouble spots, they will almost always be the first foreign troops that respond. The Marine Corps is thus uniquely prepared for a world of unpredictable threats and fluid relations. Training that focuses on basic warfighting skills and adaptability.

Expeditionary warfare requires self-sufficiency, so Marines are trained to operate in austere conditions with minimal assistance from other services. Their combat units combine ground, air, logistical and command elements in an integrated structure focused on the support of infantry. Whatever their combat specialties may be, all Marines receive basic infantry training so that they can operate flexibly in fast-moving campaigns. Marine warfighting doctrine delegates responsibility to the lowest levels within combat units, and encourages initiative among junior personnel.

Marines thus tend to be more resilient than the warfighters of other nations. Technology that surpasses enemy gear and fits the moment. Its MV Osprey is the world's only operational tilt-rotor, combining the vertical agility of a helicopter with the speed and range of a fixed-wing plane.

Its FB fighter is the world's only stealthy tactical aircraft capable of landing on a dime, without a runway. So Marines have options for assaulting and defeating hostile forces that other services lack. A warrior culture that emphasizes bravery and self-sacrifice. Anyone who volunteers for military service knows they might have to die for their nation.

However, awareness of that fact seems closer to the surface in Marine Corps culture than in the other services. Marines are taught to be tough, exhibiting physical and moral courage in the most harrowing circumstances.

Marine Corps Intelligence

Although Marine formations are scalable and tailorable to tactical challenges, combat training focuses on small units that, as the Corps puts it, are led by warfighters "biased to action. A leadership that is politically adept but principled.

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Marines tend to operate more effectively in political jobs than warfighters hailing from other military services. It is no coincidence that the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff both come from the smallest of the four military services under the Department of Defense.