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In recent years, Unitarian Universalists have reached out to Muslim communities , partnered with immigrant rights groups , vigorously opposed torture , and protested police brutality.

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We have an even longer history of opposing demagogues and tyrants, and affirming the inherent dignity of every person. It threatens physical violence against already marginalized people.

Please avoid planting the seeds of hatred

It openly embraces bigotry. It relishes the humiliation of its opponents. No matter who wins the presidential election, civil and religious groups that are committed to a free, just, and generous society have vital work to do planting seeds of unity and mutual respect. Like this on Facebook.

Quote by Napoleon Hill: “If we sow the seeds of hatred and envy and disc”

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Rooting Out The Seeds Of Hatred – Article In The Daily News Paper

Their statements marked a concerted al-Qaeda propaganda drive to pre-empt a major speech to the Muslim world that the US president is due to deliver in Egypt on Thursday. Obama starts Middle East visit. Live: Barack Obama speech to the Muslim World.

Obama's folly: believing in a unified Muslim world. Bin Laden overshadows Obama trip to Middle East.

Al-Qaeda's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahri, said in an audio tape posted on an Islamist website on Tuesday that Muslims had already received Mr Obama's "bloody messages", which were pre-empting the US president's charm offensive. Mr Obama has chosen Egypt to make a promised address to the Islamic world, in which he will try to dispel resentment inflamed by US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan following al-Qaeda's September 11 attacks on New York and Washington. He arrived in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday on the first leg of his trip.

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The success of Mr Obama's diplomatic initiatives in the Middle East, such as promoting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and halting Iran's nuclear programme, may hinge on how well he is able to improve broader US relations with the Islamic world. Terms and Conditions.