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By the way, I was in the same restaraunt with Bea Arthur once.

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She was kind of loud and scary and, frankly, I thought she was possibly drunk and disorderly. Years of Golden Girls and Broadway shows be damned. If only my tivo could take me back in time…. Skip to content Haiku of the Day. Preferred brands of detangler? Possibly it will be funnier than Wankmaster Teapot.

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Blog at WordPress. Raj, the guide, says he has an easy day planned for us. Part of the acclimatization process is to spend 2 nights at about 11, ft and take a side trip to a higher altitude for a few hours.

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You need more Red Blood Cells to be able to breathe the air at the higher altitudes in our case it will be 18, ft. Within 45 mins. I was having a heck of a time catching my breath, but I was amazed at how fast I recovered when we stopped. Our objective was a Gompa temple and a visit to Lama Deshi.

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We had hot tea with her, Billy and Raj fixed her flashlight, and I got a picture of the holy woman on the mountain. All in all it was a good morning.

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The wind here in Manang is very chilly due to the glacier a few hundred feet away. A fleece jacket is necessary if you are just standing around. The mornings and nights are very cold. I expect It will get even colder as we go higher. Tomorrow we trek to Letdar village 12, ft.

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That will begin an ascent of almost 6, ft toward Thorung La. Go to Day This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.