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The whole thing is a rather puzzling sequence of events. Why did Peter, the disciple of Jesus, have a sword at all? Was it a crazy thoughtless moment as he tried to defend Jesus, or was he really trying to start a fight? Now, that really would have caused trouble! How was Jesus able to restore his ear, to heal him right there and then on the spot?

Is slave priest worth it?

And why was the whole episode so important that each of the four gospels tells us about it? We see his compassion for the wounded man; we see that even someone described as a slave mattered to him; we see his willingness to confront threat and opposition with restraint, courage and the power of love. But what happened to Malchus? But the church clearly remembered his name for decades afterwards.

Quite possibly he became a believer.

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He would have been a first-hand witness with a story to tell. Most of the followers of Jesus down through the centuries go unremembered. With a knowledge of where Diallo had come from, Bluett quickly arranged for his return to Mr.

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Tolsey, who in turn gave Diallo ". This relatively indulgent treatment is at odds with the brutality present in most later slave narratives. Once in England, Diallo grew increasingly paranoid that members of the Royal African Company intended to either sell him back into slavery, or demand a large ransom upon his return to Africa. Though Bluett and other acquaintances found this scenario to be unlikely, they "gave in their charitable Contributions very readily" p.

With "Diallo's Mind being now perfectly easy, and being himself more known," he began to mingle with much of London's social elite, including members of the royal family, the Duke and Duchess of Montague p. Lord Montague later asked Bluett for an account of Diallo's story, and this request eventually led to the publication of Diallo's narrative.

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Bluett finished his description of Diallo's story following his final departure to Africa, with "hope [that] he is safely arrived, to the great Joy of his Friends, and the Honour of the English Nation" p. Following his account of Diallo's story, Bluett details his perceptions of the peoples of Africa and his personal opinion of Diallo's character, concluding by attributing Diallo's good fortune to God: "When we reflect upon the Occasion and Manner of his being taken at first, and the Variety of Incidents during his Slavery.

Job, son of Solliman Dgiallo

Bluett strongly feels that if others act with kindness and compassion, as Diallo had during his unexpected journey, they too will experience manifestations of God's grace. Works Consulted: Braddock, J. Edward E. Curtis, New York: Facts on File, , Diallo attempted to send a letter home to his father and, after passing through many hands, the letter was seen by James Oglethorpe, the Director of the Royal African Company.

John 18:10-25 GNB

Upon reading the letter, Oglethorpe paid for Diallo's freedom and arranged for a ship to carry him to his lodgings in London. It may have also been against the law for a Jew to carry a sword — against both Roman and Jewish law. Is it plausible to think that Peter violated both Roman and Jewish law, in multiple ways? About that sword-carrying: what was Peter a fisherman!

Only in Luke does Jesus bother to heal the wounded slave. Only in Matthew does Jesus clearly condemn the attack. So … what are we to make of this story? I see three possibilities:. To which I say: uh … no. Romans and Second Temple Jews were in different ways dedicated to the rule of law. The chance that both groups would ignore a clear breach of their respective laws seems awfully remote to me. Of course, we cannot know for sure why Mark wrote the arrest account the way he did or even that he wrote it in Rome.

Yes, crazy things do happen … and for my readers who believe in miracles, perhaps this scene can be explained by a few well-chosen miracles.

We can call this the Resa Aslan Hypothesis. But in fairness to Aslan, the scene he describes comes pretty close to how the arrest is portrayed in Western paintings.

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Eventually, Jesus was able to bring the melee to a halt. Malchus was grievously wounded, but he was only a slave, hardly worth the trouble of defending. But ultimately, the melee theory is no more believable than the single sword-stroke theory.