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The company has recently come on board with the South Australian government to facilitate advisory council voting and Naamani says that from ASX board votes to local elections in the USA, the start-up has a clear use case.

It's on its way to booking its first revenues. I don't think it's going to happen immediately, but when the internet started, nobody wanted to do banking on the internet," Naamani says. There's no denying that volatility and cynicism have affected the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors, he says, but Horizon State is trying to play a different game. The founders of Amber have found themselves explaining bitcoin investing in terms of gold when meeting investors at conferences. The start-up was born right at the height of the price of bitcoin, but as the investment launched last week it was to a much more subdued investor audience.

Unlike other cryptocurrency investment apps, Amber only invests in one currency, bitcoin, and lets users make investments gradually by rounding up their spare change into investments. Svetski believes that bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency at this stage that can be counted on as a long-term store of value and its scarcity will play a large role in the future. Co-founder and UX designer Chantelle de la Rey says in this climate, making a clear and easy-to-use app has been very important to bring investors on board. Svetski says there's no doubt the crashing bitcoin price has slowed down his company's progress.

That might not be such a bad thing, though. But this is no get-rich-quick scheme. Naamani believes there are clear use cases and that the sectors are entering a maturation phase where consumers are able to identify their best uses. Horizon State cashed out its Ether fund-raise into Australian dollars. Svetski says that despite the cycles of volatility, if you look at a phenomenon like bitcoin, investors who played the long game are still a long way ahead.

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I stood there for a while, contemplating what I saw. No one seemed to care. Being a father of three, and once myself that kid in school no grown-up listened to, I found the scene hurtful. This lonely girl was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders and no one was giving a damn. I remember finally walking up to her and talking to her. A shy but polite young girl handed me one of her leaflets. The message on the leaflet was strong and to the point. We do like you do. We talked for a while, and then I asked her if she would agree to be filmed reading her statement.

I posted this in my personal Facebook feed, telling my friends about my emotional morning and encouraging them to show the young girl their support.

Holly Willoughby praises This Morning stand-in Rochelle Humes for 'looking after' Phillip Schofield

The post went viral, generating thousands of shares and likes. Later that same day I published the video of her reading her message. Greta was no longer alone. The very first person to share the action on social media was probably Greta herself in this tweet. People got inspired and was fascinated by the story of how one brave teenager refused school for the climate. Indeed, not going to school is bad but look at the bigger picture. At this point in time, Greta had achieved far more than she could ever have hoped for.

Her story had been picked up by national and international media and with it her message that we adults are failing future generations on the climate. Her candour, clear-sightedness, and persona made people listen. She was constantly surrounded by fellow strikers and supporters. Our goal is to raise awareness, change the status quo and amplify the voices of climate advocates all over the world, be they business leaders, parents, students or activist teenagers. On October 2nd I sent an invitation to Greta Thunberg to join our foundation board as a youth advisor you need to be over 18 years old to become a legal member of the board that she accepts.

A fellow board member, Stuart Scott arranges for Greta to receive an invitation to the UN climate meeting in Katowice COP24 where she attends several meetings, for instance below press conference hosted by Stuart Scott. The climate negotiations in Katowice in December , meant a significant bump in international attention for Greta. Not all of which was benevolent in kind. Something was set in motion. A wide variety of alternative and social media joined in an effort to debunk Greta.

Lil Baby x Gunna - Drip Too Hard (Official Audio)

Various lies and deliberate misconceptions appeared simultaneously and from a variety of sources. The claims made were out of touch with reality and had the clear aim of making trying to make Greta less, or something else, that what she was: an extremely independent and headstrong adolescent whose climate protest just happened to go viral.

Professional pundits and politicians also ventured into the debate, spreading false information or heavily biased articles intended to discredit, mislead or confuse. Even propaganda agencies such as state control media in some totalitarian countries and blogs with extremist links helped create and spread false and misleading articles. And their actions stretch beyond falsehoods. The negative articles started to appear suddenly, within a few days and were joined by threats.

Daily Stand-up Injection of Guilt

It began with hateful posts across commentary sections but soon I started receiving personal messages and even phone calls. Below is one example. There is worse. It would be a little more dressy, damn hypocrites. Hope you happen to suffer an accident. Being personally threatened is an experience no one deserves. The threats escalated into sophisticated hacking attempts.

In our webmail log, an unknown mobile phone was logged in all of a sudden. We took steps to increase security and block unauthorized access. I also have very strong reasons to believe that my mobile phone and those of my colleagues had been tampered with. The attacks and the social media hate storm escalated and on December 14 I penned an open letter to our supporters. Shortly thereafter the threats, hacking attempts and social media activity ceased. All of a sudden, as if someone waved a magic wand, everything returned to normality. For a while. The old lies and misconceptions from back in December resurfaced but this time around the hatred was more focused at Greta Thunberg herself.

Totally untrue of course.

Meanwhile, Greta continued her ascent into international stardom. The school strike movement now counted millions of young people and the media attention was huge. The situation was very different from October when she accepted an advisory role at the board of directors of the WeDontHaveTime Foundation.

She decides to leave the board. In order to concentrate on her own initiative, she needs to be independent of other organizations. I understand — and support — this decision of hers.

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A prospectus is required by Swedish law when raising money from the public. The newspaper had to back down from their claims and issue a correction. Unfortunately, these falsehoods still linger uncorrected on the internet.

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We have, however, apologized to Greta Thunberg and her family for failing to inform them beforehand that Greta, a minor, was mentioned when we reported on our activities in the financial prospectus. Media around the world are now writing various versions of this news instead of talking about what was actually said in Davos. During the first months of , the falsehoods and conspiracy theories continued to circulate. This intensified as the first global school strike approaches. New threats. Renewed hacking attempts. And it becomes even more sinister in nature with an email containing serious threats against the climate youth movement.

The event was reported to the police , of course. These new threats seemed to be designed to provoke a reaction.

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That whoever sent them wanted them to become public. On March 15, the first global Fridays For Future strike was held, one of the largest manifestations for the climate cause ever. Seeing so many come together to protest the status quo gave me so much hope! The threats, however, became even more sinister.

Morning Stand​-​Up