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But Professor Luckin issues a warning to those who believe the future classroom needs to concentrate on computer coding alone.

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We need advanced thinking around what we want to deliver in terms of lifelong learning for each individual citizen, rather than an obsession with clever algorithms and coding. Digital education designed to teach future skills.

AI, ethics and classrooms of the future

Yet, while tools such as VR and AR are routinely used to bring history lessons or language learning to life, and to foster collaboration with other students around the world, Mr Jones has no intention of allowing the tail to wag the dog. Although Mr Jones notes that the majority of teachers starting out in the profession are comfortable with using devices, less technologically-minded colleagues are not forgotten.

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Mr Jones believes post learners must be prepared for a future in which entrepreneurship and apprenticeships take their place alongside the university option, but he is firmly opposed to the suggestion that preparing young people for the world of work should become the key priority. Screen time vs digitally-focused education.

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While there is an inherent contradiction between yet more digitally focused education and concern over young people and excessive screen use, Mr Buchanan believes there is a balance to be struck. Although Mr Buchanan foresees AI will inevitably free up more time for human interaction in the classroom, he has no fear that robot teachers will one day lead the class.

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Why is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Important?

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