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So we got to do the, you know, going from being internet friends to real life friends which is always exciting when that happens, so high five! This is actually your second book, second to Lose It Right, is that correct? Harper Collins is the publisher there so this is this is my 1st international released book. My 1st book Lose It Right was just published in Canada. James: Yeah, I love it too because they paid me to do it.

James: Annie Brees, me and Harry Potter are all big on lightning.

I. What is Epiphany?

Would you mind sharing the story about the moment and the quote that you think shifted for you? They go from 0 to miles an hour in a moment and they stay that way because of some transformative life changing event that just wakes up a part of their brain where they achieve a new purpose in life that endlessly and vigorously drives them forward.

If I get down to get to work I can fix this stuff and that was the first little wake up and then the next part that hit me bigger was the realization that I had been pretty lazy my entire life. And from that moment, in that instant, I was a changed man. I believe that wholeheartedly that it is so important to reflect on that.

It came built in. And he lost over pounds and has kept it off for more than a decade but the interesting thing there is that these experiences often have cascading effects where afterwards, he ended up, he went back to school and he was a straight A student, he went through a personality shift where he went from very introverted to, you know, more confident and more extroverted, it was better for his relationship and it just had a lot of other positive impacts throughout his life.

Well, people are like onions, too. He went through a rapid identity and values shift which just brought his actions and behaviors into line immediately. So this is anecdotes, not data but the examples in the book, many of these people were in relationships when they went through this dramatic shift, those relationships got better.

I know my wife does it with me all the time. This does not work. Yeah, you know, for many years I had a shirtless photo of me on my website. Lauren: Can I ask a question before we kind of move on or switch gears?

9 Mind-Bending Epiphanies That Turned My World Upside-Down

Maybe not quite financially great right away. But trust me, you know, I just turned 50 last year and my forties were awesome because I decided to become a writer and my fifties are looking to be even better. Annie: I would just like to say that James pretty much just described my last year of therapy in like 15 seconds.

I mean do you want to expand on that barfy noise? And then the peak of the mountain is absolute percent motivation to do everything associated with this goal with inspired vigor. You increase your odds of success if you start to hike awhile and you do those baby steps, because what it does is that it opens up new experiences to you.

Maybe I should do some about that. Jen: James, can I get your take on another behavior we see quite often? So just little bit of caution.

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James: You go from restriction ruling the life on one hand to highly palatable food ruling it on the other hand. Annie: James, I know you have to get going because you have more interviews, you are just an in demand man.

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I know our community is just going to really enjoy this episode and I bet they cannot wait to get their hands on your new book which comes out the 22nd of January, so by time this should be available. James: So if they want to find a book probably easiest place is well, they can either walk into a bookstore or go to bodyforwife. You might also like Ode to unsung heroes at IISC and beyond!

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I want to raise up a shout out and express my grateful for the If you live in or near Boston, you should join us as we deepen this conversation We hope that it will enrich your life and much as it has ours. The pain of a lousy boss, of careless mistakes, of insufficient credit. The pain We spend a lot of time at IISC thinking about how to talk about and practice love as a force for social change.

Why epiphanies will destroy your business | Peter Shallard

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