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Cats become infected by Toxoplasma gondii by eating the immature forms of the parasite contained within the muscle or organ tissue of other infected animals, such as mice.

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If another animal—including a humaninadvertently consumes those feces, they will be come infected with toxoplasmosis. Because toxoplasmosis is a disease that can be transmitted to people, it is particularly important to understand how infection can occur and what steps can be taken to minimize risks. If cats are infected, they can be contagious to people during a three-week period of time.

The disease is transmitted if people accidentally consume cat fecal material that contains the organism. Toxoplasmosis is only infectious in feces that are at least 24 hours old. People also can become infected when they eat contaminated raw or undercooked meats, such as beef, pork or lamb.

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Cats who have been infected with toxoplasmosis will frequently have no symptoms. A smaller number of cats might develop diarrhea, or respiratory problems, or even problems with their eyes. The majority of cats, though, will be permanently infected with the parasite and show no outward signs of illness. A tiny percentage of cats infected with toxoplasmosis will die from an overwhelming infection.

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Preventing your cats from hunting and consuming other animals will minimize their risk of contracting this parasite, as will keeping them indoors. ANOVAs of worm density among chambers revealed that each of the 4 species exhibited site specificity within the spiral intestine. Least significant difference analysis revealed that each of the species, except C. Calliobothrium verticillatum was more commonly found in the middle region of the organ, centered around chamber 4. Horn's information index indicated that L. No evidence of interaction among the species in this assemblage was found. In cases where observations could be made, neither cestode total length nor location within the spiral intestine appeared to be affected by the presence of other individuals or species respectively.

There was some evidence of underutilized space; the posteriormost chamber was vacant in all 49 sharks examined and Linear regression revealed no relationship between shark total length and either total number of worms or total number of individuals of each of the 4 species of cestodes.

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The chi-square test revealed no evidence that the 4 species do not occur independently among host individuals. The number of species and number of individuals in M. These values for M. Parasite's ruse would probably have worked if he had not had enough of Clark's constant apologies and attempts to get to the bottom of his and Lois' relationship problems. In a fit of rage uncharacteristic of Lois Lane, Rudy punched Clark out of their apartment and into the streets of Metropolis.

Shortly after this display, Superman got the Parasite to reveal himself in the guise of Lois Lane. Rudy couldn't handle the fact that anyone other than himself specifically as the Parasite took down the Man of Steel. Just as the Parasite was about to lay the final blow to an exhausted Superman, Rudy drops, completely crippled by Kryptonite poisoning he had drained from Superman, unbeknownst to either Rudy or Clark.

Superman finally realized that the reason he has felt so weakened recently was because he was being constantly drained by the Parasite, and was also the victim of the mysterious Kryptonite poisoning. When he asked Rudy how long he had pretended to be Lois, the Parasite related his story to the Man of Steel. In his final moments, he tells Superman that he still needed to have contact with Lois once every twenty-four hours to maintain his charade, confirming that she is still alive.

He also told him that Lois loves him more deeply than he could ever know. The Parasite died before he could tell Superman where Lois was imprisoned. Lex Luthor , with whom it is implied the Parasite had engaged in amorous, "extramarital" activity while in Lois' form, was infuriated when he learned of the Parasite's schemes. As such, Luthor went to great efforts to obtain the Parasite's remains. Recently, the Parasite was holed up in St.

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Roch, Louisiana, where he uses his power-absorbing abilities to temporarily neutralize the powers of villains, for a fee, so they might evade detection during the course of criminal efforts. How he escaped Lex Luthor's custody is another question entirely.

The only consistent characteristic of the Parasite is his hulking physique. The events of the Infinite Crisis altered many of the details of Rudy Jones' early life and the Parasite's origins. In this new time line, Jones was resident in Metropolis at the time when Superman first appeared, and was one of the people chosen to benefit from the so-called ' LexCorp Lottery', Lex Luthor would bestow a life changing experience on someone chosen at random from the crowd that gathered outside his building each morning.

Unfortunately, Jones ducked out of a physical exam and went off to eat donuts by a leaky container of hazardous waste. Eating a doughnut contaminated by the waste, Jones was transformed into a purple skinned mutant with an insatiable hunger for the life energy of others. How his subsequent history has been affected is not yet clear, though this may explain his apparent resurrection and appearance in St. This section of the history takes place during Convergence , a massive crossover event revisiting characters from past eras and realities.

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The villains Brainiac and Telos plucked them from their own timeline and stored them together, causing them to cross over into each others' reality. Its precise chronological placement and canonicity may be unclear. Incomplete There's something missing here. This section of the article is incomplete, and contains information, but requires more before it can be considered complete.