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Vampire Mystery and Love and Sin (Two Story Pack)

Enforcer: The Collection. Metal Soldiers: The Collection. Her mother died in a car accident when Anita was 8, which greatly impacted her throughout her childhood and adult years. When Anita was 10, her father remarried after her mother's death to Judith, whom Anita often clashed with over her powers and differences. Anita could 'see' ghosts, and raised her dead pet dog and even road kill, to her, her father and step-mothers dismay.

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Anita initially exerted little control over her powers, eventually leading her father to request that her maternal grandmother teach Anita how to "turn off" her abilities. Her Maternal Grandmother taught her how to control her abilities, but seeing how powerful Anita was, encouraged Anita's dad to raise her as a Christian instead of vaudun. During college she raised a professor who had killed himself-her roommate moved out the next day.

Anita majored in preternatural biology and became engaged to a fellow student, who later broke off the engagement due to his parents disapproving of him dating a Mexican woman. He was her first sexual experience. This would cause Anita to remain celibate for much of the initial books in the series until The Killing Dance After graduation Anita was recruited by Bert Vaughn to join Animators, Inc. She also met Edward, and learned about weapons. During the events in First Death she met the vampire hunter Edward and received several of her scars, which includes a cross-shaped brand on her arm.

In the first novel Guilty Pleasures Anita receives her first marks from the vampire Jean-Claude and begins to gain advanced healing powers and abilities. By the end of the book she has become instrumental in removing the previous Master Vampire of the City Nikolaos from power by killing her and has received two of the four marks necessary to become Jean-Claude's Human Servant.

These marks also enhance her necromancy powers, with Jean-Claude remarking in The Laughing Corpse that he could feel her power calling to him at the end of the book. In the third novel Circus of the Damned Anita meets high school science teacher and closet werewolf Richard Zeeman and begins dating him.

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She is also attacked by rival vampire Alejandro, who too marks her as his Human Servant, which cancels out the control that Jean-Claude previously exerted through the marks he had given her. In The Lunatic Cafe Anita becomes engaged to Richard, only to have Jean-Claude quickly blackmail her into dating him after learning of the engagement. Anita also meets Raina, the lupa of the local wolf pack, as well as Jason, a young werewolf.

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Anita's powers grow in Bloody Bones , as does her relationship with Jean-Claude. In The Killing Dance Richard has become the Ulfric, or leader, of his pack after killing off the previous leader Marcus. Anita herself kills Raina, who later inhabits Anita's body, both antagonizing her as well as giving her the ability to heal others. It is during this book that Anita forms a triumvirate with Richard and Jean-Claude as well as accepting further vampire marks from him. This makes it impossible for Anita to separate herself from Richard or Jean-Claude, which is further exacerbated when Anita breaks her engagement with Richard and becomes Jean-Claude's lover after watching Richard eat Marcus and transform into his wolf form.

I'm sorry but flashback episodes are usually so boring to me! Too often they just feel like information dumps, and much like a particularly dry college lecture, they are VERY skippable. Just get the lecture notes from that sexy nerd down the hall, you know? All of this is a very dumb way of saying that "Original Sin" was a flashback episode where not a ton happened in the present tense.

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  • It's still ludicrously complicated in a way that doesn't seem very compelling, but at least the long-running issue of the doppelgangers has been fully explained! Not only explained, but given A LOT of importance that should pay off in big ways in the future. So yeah, even though I could've just gotten the lecture notes for this episode, there were still a lot of worthwhile topics discussed! Let's talk about 'em.

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    Which I guess would've been the result of Stefan flipping off his humanity switch again. I don't remember. Well, just ask yourself how YOU would feel if you hadn't eaten in months and had to to walk across town in wet underwear. This poor bartender lady got bit up pretty badly, but then we knew Stefan was NOT the Ripper because he shouted at her to scram, thereby saving her life.

    So yeah, those ads all lied to us, Stefan was still regular Stefan, he was just annoyed from all the hunger pangs. Oh, Stefan.

    Obviously this was not the most graceful way to re-emerge into society, but welcome back anyway! But then Elena shot up in bed as though she had dreamt it all. Had she dreamt it all? What a weird and specific dream, if so. Guys, spoiler alert, but she did not dream it all.

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    Her dream was a documentary of what was actually going on as I'm sure she knew by now. Still though, Damon was skeptical. Of all the insane things they've ever experienced over the years, Damon drew the line at dreams reflecting reality. Here was the fun twist though: Katherine had had the same dream as Elena! That's when it became clear there was something going on with the doppelgangers.

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    Like, it was some kind of doppelganger party line up in their brains. That should've brought Damon a measure of comfort right? FYI this is Katherine's "time for a road trip to go find our missing friend" pose. It is the best pose. And she was posing this way because it was time for a road trip to find their missing friend! Stefan had NOT burned up in the morning sunlight because This character was no Luna.

    She had personality, this lady. If you were like me you immediately were like, "Oh, this must be Katsia. But hold all of your horses, just hold them and brush them and love them because this episode was still about 15 long minutes away from confirming this suspicion.

    In fact, it was better off that you just put that idea out of your head so as to not ruin the "surprise" later.

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    • Just look at him, guys. Also, "Two Thousand Years Ago"? So basically 13 A. Look, doesn't matter, all that matters is I immediately started holding out hope we'd meet Teen Jesus. But look who we DID meet:.